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The Tiffany Difference

Just as it was done in New York over 130 years ago, Tiffany’s legendary engagement rings are meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. From the moment the diamond is discovered until the design is finished, each ring can take nearly a year to complete. Because the best diamonds in the world deserve the best craftsmanship.

The Tiffany Difference

Tiffany rejects 99.96% of the world’s gem-grade diamonds.

Tiffany diamonds are cut with the most exacting proportions to reveal a superior, striking diamond.

Every Tiffany diamond engagement ring is handcrafted, hand cut and hand polished, just as it was done in New York over 130 years ago.

“From across a crowded room, you can always see a Tiffany diamond engagement ring, no matter what size it is. Tiffany diamonds have a brilliant scintillation and sparkle like no other.” —MELVYN KIRTLEY, CHIEF GEMOLOGIST

We go above the standard 4Cs to grade on presence, Tiffany’s unique fifth element that impacts a diamond’s brilliance, scintillation and dispersion in profound ways.

With over 130 years of engagement experience, Tiffany offers diamond expertise you can trust.

Tiffany’s superlative grading standards are reflected in the Tiffany Diamond Certificate, which we stand behind with our Lifetime Warranty.


We cut and polish every diamond in our own studios to maintain the highest quality standards and to ensure a positive environmental and social impact, from mine to design.

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Tiffany Heritage

Discover our legacy of brilliance beginning in 1837 with Charles Lewis Tiffany, “The King of Diamonds.”

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